Yes Folks, Glenn Beck Went There

Glenn Beck just couldn't resist. Even as he is giving credit to the President, he says "Kill Obama..." It's not accidental on the part of these idiots. They do it on purpose, and one day some wingnut is going to take them up on it. Bonus: He

Mike's Blog Roundup

Newshoggers: The White House claims Osama was not the 9/11 mastermind! Despite that startling assertion, G-Dub is pulling out all the stops to apprehe

Another Al Qaeda #3

Once again, al Qaeda's #3 man has been killed. A senior al Qaeda terrorist who allegedly plotted and carried out attacks against U.S. and coalition f

Open Thread

Talk 2 Action: Values Voter debate panelist miffed at GOP no-shows: "How can we expect these no-show candidates to take on Osama Bin Laden and other

Mike's Blog Round Up

James Wolcott's Blog: It is a measure of Petraeus's obliging pliancy that he would even accede to testifying on the anniversary of 9/11, thus ensuring

Mike's Blog Round Up

Hullabaloo: Those who think the Iraqi disaster has killed the influence of neoconservativism should follow Giuliani's campaign with interest. Words o

Catching Bin Laden (or Not)

Fred Thompson’s reaction to today’s Osama bin Laden tape: “Bin Laden is more symbolism than anything else,” he said. Mitt Romney on bin

Mike's Blog Round Up

Shakesville: Publicity shy, cave-dwelling killer Osama bin Laden, without a release for nearly three years, is scheduled to hit the charts again with