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A Scene From "Pajamas Media: The Movie"

I Wish It Would Just Stop!

My friend who lives near Haifa, Israel, emailed this to me a little while ago: WE ARE GETTING HIT ALL AROUND US THEY ARE SHOOTING MISSLES ONLY TO HIT

What's In A Name?

Apparently to Pam from Atlas Shrugs- John and Jim Zogby are the same person, well not really, but who cares. The comment section is a hoot. (correctio

Hilarious: Pajamaline

First of all Power Line is not part of Pajamas Media as far as I know. (I believe they are part of the Blog News Service of PM) Durbin reacts to Mire

Roger Simon's Silly Googliness

Roger Simon's silly Googliness Here's some of that stellar "Pajamas Media" reporting that I've been hearing so much about. Roger Simon is upset beca


I guess Roger Simon, (head of Pajamas Media) doesn't even try anymore.