Boston Hoax

There you go...The Aqua Teen hunger Force caused havoc in Boston...I happen to like Robot Chicken. Turner's Statement: The "packages"

Go Big Blue...

The NY Giants play Duncan's Philadelphia Eagles today. They don't have much of a chance winning, but I'll be rooting anyway. Good Luck Dun

Mike's Blog Round Up

Martian Anthropologist: “Once you’re used to living in a lawless world, the transition back to civilization will be stressful at b

Open Thread

The General writes a letter to Santorum. Meanwhile, "Deidre Imus began her questioning of Rick with the following question, "Why did your C

Curt Weldon Swiftboats Joe Sestak

It appears nothing is off-limits. Even a sick child with a brain tumor. The Hill: "Weldon also suggested Sestak should have sent his daughter to a h

Mike's Blog Round Up

American Prospect: Will Bunch, senior writer for the Philadelphia Daily News and author of its blog, Attytood, investigates the private and public fin