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Hey everyone, I'm Bill Wolfrum. You know, after a tough week like this, I like to sit back with a bottle of H2Om, get super-hydrated and get my zazen

Email And Comment Policy

I'm working up a little policy with the help of Jeralyn. Since the popularity of C&L's new "On-Line Magazine" has grown, there's been a lot going

Tucker Carlson And The Pope

In a preview of the concise, expert, and thoughtful commentary Tucker Carlson will bring to MSNBC. Tucker had this to say about the Pope. Carlson:

God Made Me Popular For A Reason!

via That Colored Fellas : By La Shawn Barberella The execution of this poor woman by ‘activist judges’, abortion-on-demand crazed lesb

Giambi Testified He Used Steroids

SAN FRANCISCO - New York Yankees (news) slugger Jason Giambi injected himself with human growth hormone in 2003 and also used steroids for at least t