The Secret World Of Rape; Or, I Enjoy Being A Girl

LC: I Have To Tell What Happened To Me from Center for Reproductive Rights on Vimeo. All this talk about legitimate rape is making me seethe. It's just as well that I didn't have a daughter, because I'd worry every time she went out the door.

Reince Priebus Doubles Down On Comparing 'War On Women' To 'War On Caterpillars'

If RNC chair Reince Priebus thinks nasty, petulant interviews like this one with MSNBC's Thomas Roberts are going to win his party some support back with women voters, I think he's sadly mistaken. Last week, Priebus appeared on Bloomberg TV's Al Hunt and claimed that the "war on women" was as fictional as the "war on caterpillars."

Mike's Blog Round Up

Tiger Beatdown is leading the charge against State Rep Bobby Franklin of Georgia, the guy who thinks every pregnancy miscarriage needs to be investigated as a potential abortion. (h/t Echidne) MN Progressive Project: Those that forget the

Prosecuted For Miscarriage?

March 01, 2010 CNN Utah lawmaker Carl Wimmer defends the law he's proposed that would punish "reckless" acts by pregnant women.