Public Radio

The Great NPR Debate

Today's newest effort to de-fund NPR in the House of Representatives came with a debate that had moments which must be seen and savored. On the serious side, there was Rep. Dennis Kucinich, who reminded the House that the airwaves belong to citizens, not corporations.

Open Thread

From 2007, my favorite Public Radio program, "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me!". Open Thread below...

Mike's Blog Roundup

Left In Aboite: The news director of a public radio station in Santa Fe, New Mexico has instructed his staff to ignore national stories that quote unn

Clouds Over Baquet's L.A. Times

L.A. Observed The New York Times story on the LAT editor change assumes that a troubling period lies ahead—and makes it clear that departing bos

Where Is Charles Krauthammer?

Krauthammer was missing from his usual appearance with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday in their round table discussion group during the second half o