Anonymous Hacks Hundreds Of Chinese Government Sites

The Anonymous hacking group claims to have defaced almost 500 websites in China. Targets hit in the mass defacement included government sites, its official agencies, trade groups and many others. A message put on the hacked sites said

Ms. McArdle! Let Me Introduce You To The W2 Form!

So the centrist Third Way think tank has come up with a clever idea of making up a receipt that the government can send Joe Q. Taxpayer every year to show him what his income taxes are paying for. While the sample the Third Way drew up

Uprising In Kyrgyzstan

And an anti-government revolt has taken place in Kyrgyzstan. After a day of bloody protests against the repressive rule of the president of Kyrgyzs

'The Revolt Of The Generals'

Rudy Giuliani recently argued that U.S. military generals, by virtue of their service, necessarily have more credibility than practically anyone else.

Paul Wolfowitz Has A New Job

AP Via Yahoo: Former World Bank chief Paul Wolfowitz, who resigned amid a furor over his handling of a bank pay package for his girlfriend, has join

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Spy Who Billed Me: An outburst of indifference has greeted the announcement by office of the Director of National Intelligence that the year-long

Mike's Blog Round Up Great...another incompetent Bushista taking 'full responsibility.' The Poor Man Institute: Keyboard Kommando Komix proudly presents... ea