right wing violence

Bil Maher Points Out That The Recent Political Violence Is Coming From The Right

Bill Maher got his right wing guests, the National Review's Reihan Salam and Fox New's Margaret Hoover on this week's edition of Real Time worked up when he asked why all the recent political violence is coming from the right. Salam reminded me a bit of Howard Fineman on Hardball the other day who couldn't name anyone on the left that equaled the violence we're seeing from the right either and reached back to the Weather Underground as an example of a violent group on the left, which Maher pointed out existed before he was born. Fox's Margaret Hoover tried painting Joy Behar with the same brush as the Kentucky head-stomper for her comments on The View, which as Lawrence O'Donnell pointed out, is completely ridiculous.

I-580 Shooter's Targets: ACLU And Tides Foundation

July 2010: An agitated right-winger and convict named Byron Williams loads up on weapons and drives to the Bay Area intent on attacking the offices of the Tides Foundation and the ACLU, but is intercepted by state patrolmen and engages them in a shootout and armed standoff in which two officers and Williams are wounded.