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Mike's Blog Round Up

The Opinion Mill's Sunday Bookchat: 1968 revisited — "What journalists have forgotten about covering political conventions! What wingnuts need to le

Hey, You Kids...Off My Lawn!!!

No, it's not the latest ranting of Grampa McSame, but a news item my local San Francisco news affiliate carried. The context was a new way to combat

Some Questions On Spitzer

Maybe because I've been following the Don Siegelman case closely, but when I heard about Elliot Spitzer's pending indictment, something just didn't

Mike's Blog Roundup

First Draft: Your President Speaks! No Quarter: Protestors to Clinton: "Iron my shirt" Shakesville: Christopher Hitchins's latest in Slate is a mess

Bob Herbert Smacks Brooks Too!

Bob Herbert of the NY Times jumps into the Reagan argument between Krugman and Brooks: Reagan was the first presidential candidate ever to appear at

Mike's Blog Round Up

Hi, it's Actor212 again, of Simply Left Behind It's Monday. I know, sucks doesn't it? As many Republican politicians have said to themselves while d