Sen. Joe McCarthy

Bachmann Opponent Calls Out Her McCarthyism In New Ad

I say good for Jim Graves for calling out fearmongering Rep. Michele Bachmann for her McCarthyism. Sadly all that money she's raising off of the hatred is exactly why John Boehner won't do anything about it. Bachmann Opponent Calls Her Joe

June 15, 1954 - Wrapping Up The Witch Hunt.

News for June 15, 1954 - the wind-down for the Army-McCarthy Hearings. Closing statements, closing cross-examinations and a general feeling of exhaustion in the room and in the country.

The Return Of McCarthyism

h/t ThoughtProfiles's: A juxtaposition of the past and current use of McCarthyism. A must watch. They did an excellent job with this mash up. Mayb