Mike's Blog Roundup

Rawrahs: Here in Opposite World... Illiterate Electorate: Palin is the Anti-Putin! Or maybe, she's a fellow traveller... But why do we keep talking

Mike's Blog Round Up

Cajun Boy: It's sad to think McCain has more houses that I have open tabs in Firefox. Diamond John McCain also owns more homes than Tom Cruise and Par

Open Thread

Sorry boys, no more for you, because in this instance "Y" is a vowel. From the classic comedy Tapeheads. Open thread below.

Mike's Blog Roundup

Brad DeLong: This was nice to see coming from an ex-Republican Intel Dump: After the waterboarding... We are respectable negroes: Six degrees of sep

If ABC Had Existed In 1858

Publius does a terrific job describing what ABC News viewers may have seen if the network existed in 1858, and had covered the Illinois Senate race.