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Five Reasons Scott Brown Is Bad For Women And Families

(h/t HuffPo) Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has tried to reinvent himself as an icon of mainstream Americana to appease his right wing GOP base without alienating those who continue to hold Massachusetts values. But if there's one thing

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Brad Blog: 'Biased thermometers' to blame for global warming data, according to former Limbaugh producer PERRspectives: Notorious hothead McCain

The First 100 Hours

...are technically still in process, but let's hear it for Pelosi and Hoyer plowing through the agenda they promised: Ethics Reform Minimum Wage

Bush's Callous Veto

Bush went five and a half years without vetoing a single piece of legislation, but he broke his streak today, rejecting the bi-partisan stem-cell rese

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mike's Blog Round Up Talk To Action: In Texas, rich men who hand money out by the bucketload are using their wealth to buy a state government that lo

Frist The Circus Clown

Balloon-Juice: Frist throw in the Towel: "Hardly surprising, considering the hammering he took over his departure on stem cell research. Plus, of cour

Stop Dem Cloning Now! I've discovered the real plot behind Stem Cell research. Jesus General has a new letter of support for Sen. Brownback. A new