Los Angeles: Join The Seven Day Seige Of The CCA

Join LA CAN, Occupy the Hood, Occupy Skid Row and Occupy Los Angeles at Wilshire/Hope (626 Wilshire Blvd.) at 8:30pm tonight to fight gentrification and the corrupt practices of the lobby group Central City Association. BRING TENT.

Thousands Of Books Will Never Be Read Again In The People's Library

A member of Occupy Wall Street has filed a claim on behalf of the group stating that the city of New York had either damaged beyond repair, or destroyed books and other property from the People's Library at Zuccotti Park totalling $47,000. Filing the claim is the first step towards a civil suit in the matter...

Patti Smith At Riverside Church: 'People Have The Power'

The great Patti Smith moved us all to tears with her beautiful poem in honor of Martin Luther King and in Occupy Wall Street Solidarity during the #J15 Candlelight Vigil at Riverside Church tonight, reminding us that it is the people who have the power.

Gunman Threatens New Haven Occupiers

Yikes, quite a scare for Occupy New Haven members yesterday when one protester found himself face to face with a man armed with a semi-automatic handgun in the wee morning hours.

Occupy Albany Ends After Brutal Police Assault

After a move by Albany city officials to obtain an eviction order from a New York Supreme Court judge, referred to by occupiers as a "legal ambush," ended in a melee at Academy Park Thursday night, and a brutal assault by local police.

A New Song For Occupy Wall Street: 'I'll Occupy'

Dear Eminem, Help! The "Occupy" movement needs more protest songs! Seriously, they're doing disco! Oops, wrong browser... Actually this video is rather cute and clever, but beware the "P" word. What's the "P" word, you ask? See

#OccupyLA: Something's Happening Here...And It's Civics

Los Angeles is different than the other Occupations thus far in that the entire City Council - with not one dissenting vote - passed a resolution in support of Occupy LA on Wednesday. They've been able to organize and lobby their law makers. It's an