$6.6 Billion Stolen In Iraq

Remember the billions the Bush administration sent to Iraq just after they started the war there? 12 billion dollars or so was flown into Iraq in cash to facilitate the recovery, or so they said. Between April 2003 and June 2004, $12 billion in

Newstalgia Pop Chronicles - Golden Hubcaps - 1956

Newstalgia Pop Chronicles - Golden Hubcaps a documentary on the growing menace of hubcap stealing in Southern California in 1956, a very big problem - further evidence Teenage America of the 1950's was doomed.

Madoff Statue Theft: A Followup

Here's an interesting piece to the Madoff statue story I missed the first time around: The copper statue was reported stolen from Madoff's $9.2 milli

Bernie Madoff Gets Schooled

I like it when people use creativity to make their point, don't you? NEW YORK, Jan 1 (Reuters) - A statue stolen last month from Wall Street financi