Todd Akin

'Moron' GOP Rep: Pregnancy From Rape Is Rare

Yet another Republican lawmaker has come forward to profess his belief that rape rarely results in pregnancy. “The incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are very low,” said Arizona Rep. Trent Franks during a committee hearing on Wednesday.

Coulter Attacks Bill Clinton And Sandra Fluke At CPAC: Calls Clinton 'Forcible Rapist'

The invitation of Ann Coulter to CPAC this year along with the rest of their guest list, continues to prove that they learned absolutely nothing from the last election. After making a weight joke about Gov. Chris Christie, who was shunned from the event, Coultergeist went on to explain that the reason Republicans lost the Senate is that some of their candidates, like Todd Akin, just failed to keep their mouths shut, and Democrats are supposedly the ones waging a war on women.

Karl Rove Pokes Tea Party Hornets' Nest

Karl Rove blasted some of the "grassroots" Tea Party groups who have declared war on his newest effort to repackage the conservative crap sandwich in a prettier package that "can win elections." This is the purpose of Rove's new group, he claims,

Rove And 'Tea Party' Now In GOP Civil War

As Digby noted, it seems the Republicans are now trying to kill the Frankenstein monster they created: Karl Rove was instrumental in creating this monster. Now it's got a mind of its own. It's hard to know how this will play out. The Tea

Maddow Looks At List Of Wingnuts Hoping To Succeed Chambliss

Now that Saxby Chambliss has decided he doesn't want to have to face a primary race for his Senate seat, Rachel Maddow took her viewers through the list of potential replacements that would like to succeed him, and it's a doozy. Georgia's Saxby