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It's Like Shouting Down The Well

On Thursday morning I attended a breakfast and roundtable discussion sponsored by the Missouri Health Advocacy Alliance that discussed the Affordable Care Act one year on, and how it has benefited Missouri small businesses since the first provisions

Pat Buchanan: Hitler Didn't Start WWII

I don't want war! All I want is peace...peace...peace...! A little piece of Poland, A little piece of France, A little piece of Austria And Hung

Mike's Blog Roundup

Orcinus: Now seems like a good time to revisit this post. It's an appendix of what journalist David Neiwert calls "a selection of eliminationist rheto

Mike's Blog Roundup

Prometheus 6: This is pure evil and McCain will love it! FP Passport: Europe is Obama country The Cunning Realist: Growing Gills Threat Level: Anti

Calling Out The Media

How many times have we rolled our eyes at the notion of a "liberal media"? How often have we accused the traditional media of being nothing but stenog