traditional media

Maybe It's A Hopeful Sign

What if Paris Hilton did something and the traditional media didn't cover it? Would anyone miss it? Would anyone care? As it turns out, no. I kno

Bush's Power Outage

Craig Crawford of Congressional Quarterly puts it as bluntly as I've seen it in the traditional media: With a new Congress that's run by Demo

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Galloping Beaver: Is there enough blame to go around for the Bushistas catastrophic misadventure in Iraq? The "liberal press",godless le

Reality-Based Community?

Yesterday, I blasted Malkin and the Hot Air site for lying about the leftwingers' response to Hillary Clinton's speech. Taylor Marsh joined in the use

C&L Is An Advertiser's Dream

C&L is An Advertiser's Dream (guest blog by Taylor Marsh) What a great community converges on this blog every day. I knew that from guest bloggi

Hugh Hewitt, Can You Blog?

Hugh Hewitt, can you blog? Alex Koppelman finds this germ that sums up the character of Hugh Hewitt's blogging skills. "On his website Friday

Judy Miller And The Blogs

Miller sure wasn't happy about the blogs. Let's see-who reported about WMD's in Iraq? My guess it was Judy, what about you? FDL: "People at the Tim