CNN Cancels Sam Seder

Our liberal media can never have on an actual liberal. They wouldn't want to ruffle Coulter's fearthers. The Majority Report 'll be &quo

Trash Can In St. Louis

A woman was blasted by a trash can while entering a St Louis Cardinals game over the weekend. This was captured by a cell phone. Emailer E: These sto

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Galloping Beaver: The New Spy vs Spy Recovering Liberal: Meet Kinky Friedman, Texas's next Governor This American Life: Is Gitmo a camp full of

Mock Those Anti-Torture Ads

Talk Left: "A few of them weigh in here. Personally, I think it's sleazy for a blog to accept an ad and then mock and trash the advertiser, as Junky

The Ghoulies

via James Wolcott ...Joe Scarborough may be a nice guy off-camera, but his performance in the Schiavo case has been one of the most disgusting stretc