Open Thread

It's okay, Mehlman, even before you overshared your "journey," it was a Shatner / Common People / Animated Trek kind of night. h/t Dangerous Minds. Open thread below.

Open Thread

T. Coraghessan Boyle in The New Yorker: "The Lie"... The clock inched forward. Clover got dressed, put on her makeup, and took her coffee mug out to

Late Night Music Club

Holst wrote The Planets during the height of World War I and nowhere does the impact of that calamitous event show itself more powerfully than in "Mar

TDS On Delay's ACU Tribute

TDS on Delay's ACU Tribute Blast form the Past I'm digging in the vault to see what I come up with and this is a winner. The American Conservative

Cindy Sheehan On Late Edition

By popular demand ( many requests ) Cindy was on with Wolf and talked about her son, her first visit with President Bush, and her trek to Crawford i