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UC Davis Students Sue Over Pepper-Spray Incident

The American Civil Liberties Union is assisting nearly a dozen students and alumni of the University of California, Davis with a lawsuit against Lt.John Pike as well as University employees, including Chancellor Linda Katehi and other campus administrators in U.S. District Court in Sacramento.

The GOP Is Occupied With Amending The Constitution

A perfect summary of the Grand Old Party’s relationship with the U.S. Constitution comes from Texas Governor Rick Perry at Mike Huckabee’s candidate forum on Fox News last Saturday. Governor Perry claimed as president he could overturn a law

Conservatives Serve Up Constitution Cafeteria-Style

On Saturday, Glenn Beck and tens of thousands of his Tea Party faithful descended on Washington supposedly to "restore honor" to America and defend the Constitution of the United States. Or more, accurately, parts of it. After all, once they

Open Thread

The only possible explanation for book signees thinking Sarah Palin "upholds the Constitution," and right on topic, The Onion: "Area Man Passionate

Mike's Blog Round Up

Attytood: About 40 percent of the news is Real News (Iraq, Bush lawbreaking) and about 60 percent is Made-Up News (terror alerts, JonBenet Ramsey). Un

War On Christmas Backlash

"The Dodgeville School District, accused in December of launching an "attack on Christmas," has counterattacked the accusers. In a sharply worded lett