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Julianna Forlano's Ironic News Report On #OWS

Hosted by Julianna Forlano, The Ironic News Report is a satirical news parody that skewers politics and current events. This week's edition covers Herman Cain, The Vatican, and Occupy Wall Street and a few other yummy tidbits! "Conflict of

Why Ma And Pa America Can Get Behind Occupy Wall Street

Take that pitchfork down to Wall Street, man!Good news, my fellow Americans: You don't have enjoy drum circles or want to free Mumia to support Occupy Wall Street! And there's a simple reason for this: Our political and economic elites have screwed

Hot Off The Press: The Occupied Wall Street Journal

LIBERTY SQUARE, NY--despite the early morning rain, morale is high. A reported 100,000 copies of The Occupied Wall Street Journal have just arrived. The young occupiers are busy handing out the four page broadsheet to curious passersby and the

Mike's Blog Round Up

Politico: McLame casting Obama as a 'celebrity' is particularly audacious coming from a guy, who, since 2000, has gotten more screen time than the res

Running Out Of Gas

I took this yesterday. Maybe it's higher today....I knew it was all ANWR's fault... On the Saturday Stock shows tomorrow---I'm sure the wall street