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Papantonio: Time To Talk About Jeb Bush's Disgusting Past

Never mind the flip-flopping on his stance on immigration or whether he's hoping his family and their supporters will be doing their part to give Americans a big heaping helping of revisionist history when it comes to his brother's time in office, as Ring of Fire's Mike Papantonio and guest Sam Seder reminded their listeners this week, there is a hole host of other issues that the public should know about if Jeb Bush does actually throw his hat into the ring and runs for president in 2016.

Fox Faux Democrat Powers: Wallace 'Should Be Proud' President Won't Go On His Show

Fresh off of the heels of the media complaining about their lack of access to President Obama and his golf outing with Tiger Woods and with Chris Wallace complaining that his was the only Sunday show where the new White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough refused to make an appearance last week, the panel on their Saturday joke of a media watchdog show, Fox News Watch, decided to continue on with the carping with a good portion of the jeering done by one of their faux Democrats, Kirsten Powers.

Fox News Gang Clings To That 'Torture A-Go-Go' Dream

Fox & Friends welcomed author Howard Wasdin as the latest in their series of pre-emptive strikes against a Hillary Clinton candidacy – in this case, to argue that Benghazi is Clinton's “Black Hawk Down.” Of course, the attack on an American

McCain Accuses Clinton Of Having An 'Adoring Media'

Looks like Grandpa McCranky-Pants McCain is still irritated over the exchange between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Rob Johnson at her hearing this Wednesday. And as we've come to expect, the man's hypocrisy meter is completely broken: The pot accuses

How Villagers Missed The Big Story Of Election 2012

It seems fitting to look back on the election from a distance and see someone besides bloggers tell the tale of how the mainstream media completely missed the boat on their Election 2012 reporting. Fortunately, Dan Froomkin has done exactly that.