When Can I Interview Bush?

On the heels of Michael Barone's hour long interview and President Bush meeting more conservative columnists and talk show hosts, I'd like to

Waashington Post's Republican Bias

The Washington Post continues to become more and more a mouth piece for the GOP by hiring a rightwing blogger. Atrios: "The Post just hired Ben Do

Glenn Greenwald To Guest Blog On C&L

I've been looking for a little help and Glenn has agreed to come on and occasionally post for C&L. Here's a sample if you haven't had a chance to

NY Times: Tear Down That Wall

My sources tell me that the op-ed columnists of the NY Times are not happy campers being blocked from their biggest demographic: "the readers." The de

Journalism 101

Duncan makes a great point (excerpt) If the responsible media wants to elevate and professionalize journalism to a greater extent, I'm all for it. Ho