Tea Party Group To Host GOP Debate On Twitter

Whose idea was it to hold a GOP Candidate "Tea Party Twitter Debate" with questions from you, the Tweeters? They sure have a lot of Chootzpah. A number of journalists are going to have a hard time following Rick Perry's answers, since he's

Open Thread

Michele Bachmann plus John Quincy Adams equals Best. Blingee. Ever. Back in the time of the founding fathers of July, 1776, John Quincy was about to turn 9. That's okay, we understand that at age 9, Michele Bachmann was working

Austerity! What Is It Good For? (Absolutely Nothing!)

The next time some finger-waver at the Washington Post op-ed page calls for austerity, someone should point him to, you know, reality. Because reality right now is telling us that austerity is not only painful but wholly counterproductive.
C&L's Late Night Music Club With Van Halen

C&L's Late Night Music Club With Van Halen

It was marathon day in Music City, and 30,000 people hit the streets this morning to run their butts off. It's only fitting then that I post this song off of Van Halen's self-titled album. What's your favorite 'running' song?