The Return Of The Iran-Contrarians

As the United States ponders its next steps following this week's multiparty talks with Iran over its nuclear program, many of the cast of character

Headline Of The Day

George Tenet, Drunk in Bandar's Pool, Screaming about Jews. - Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic

Make Stuff Up, Bomb Iran

Caroline Glick, deputy editor at Murdoch's Jerusalem Post and fellow of the neoconservative Center For Security Policy, is back on the Iran warpath in

Four More Neoconservative Years?

David Sanger at the NY Times is one of those top-level reporters who often willingly carries water for the Bush administration - promulgating "unoffic

Desperately Blaming Biden

[media id=6138] [media id=6139] (h/t BillW) The Washington Post yet again manages to produce an op-ed only fit to wrap fish in, as neocon Michael R

McCain's Terror Gap

[McCain speaking in front of the NRA in May, 2008] John McCain's campaign won't say whether he's for or against allowing suspected terrorists to b