Three Occupy Clevelanders Plead Guilty In Bomb Plot

Connor Stevens, Doug Wright and Brandon Baxter -- three men with ties to Occupy Cleveland who were arrested in the spring for plotting to blow up a bridge -- entered guilty pleas on Wednesday afternoon. A fourth man pleaded guilty

Vancouver Casseroles Just Getting Started

While the Toronto Casseroles parade is fading, Vancouver's is only getting started. Last week, Vancouver Casseroles in solidarity with the Quebec Students and against the austerity of Cherest and Harper took the Cambie Bridge from both

Mayor Won't Renew Occupy Cleveland Permit

The city of Cleveland will not renew Occupy protesters' permit allowing a permanent encampment. The group has maintained an encampment in downtown Cleveland since October of last year. Cleveland Mayor Jackson's chief of staff, Ken

Cleveland May Day Cancelled After FBI Sting Operation

A breaking news story from Cleveland, Ohio today. Occupy Cleveland's May Day festivities have been cancelled today after an announcement from the FBI that 5 members of Occupy Cleveland had been arrested after an attempt to blow up an area bridge, as well as targets at other locations.

While GOP Dithers Over Default, Infrastructure Crumbles

We do have a spending problem, you know. We're not spending enough on infrastructure and it's a real problem. Via CBS in Minnesota: According to Anoka County Dispatch, emergency crews received a call at about 7:09 a.m. that several train

Mike's Blog Round Up

Obsidian Wings: Yeah, torture didn't "work," nor is it really being "investigated." Balloon Juice: Casino Jack and the United States of Money. Mad K