Max Speaks Vs Grover Norquist

Max Speak vs Grover Norquist Max Sawicky from the Economic Policy Institute who is also the man behind Max Speak, You Listen, was on CNBC and debat

Condi And The Latte Defense

Condi and the Latte Defense Condi Rice was on The Factor last night and had this little repartee with Bill O'Reilly: [media id=13788]-WMP [media

Howard Dean On Hannity And Colmes

Howard Dean on Hannity and Colmes Howard Dean made a surprise appearance on H&C 9/13. Alan Colmes did a one on one interview and Dean came out f

Roberts Hearing Video Highlights

Roberts Hearing Video Highlights Countdown put together a little montage of the proceedings today. [media id=13798]-WMP [media id=13799]-QT (thes

Barack Obama: Race In America

Barack Obama was a guest on This Week, andhe was very candid in his feeling about the differences and perceptionsregarding race in America and the res