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Scott Horton: Inside the Pakistan-Taliban relationship: Six questions for Ahmed Rashid, author of "Descent Into Chaos." Things Younger Than John McCa

Open Thread

What we love most at the Open Thread is good writing. When I saw a THIRD well-written review of the Led Zeppelin London concert, reviews that were cl

Shiite-Kurd Talks Collapse

Shiite-Kurd Talks Collapse via the All Spin Zone I'm not quite sure why anyone thought this "coalition" thing was ever going to work anyway. And

An Indictment

An indictment read out in a US district court in the state of Virginia said Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, 23, had discussed two scenarios with a co-conspirator.

Audacity, Thy Name Is George Will

George Will on C-SPAN this morning: "There have been remarkably few scandals in this administration, compared to others." Allow me to refresh your