Call Your Travel Agents...

...Ironically enough, I am planning a trip to Kentucky later this year, but I don't think we'll put the Answers in Genesis Museum on the agend

GOP/SVU: Special Victims Unit

Bush with Foley: Write your own caption ...* Much as I tried to resist, I'm now tracking the Foley matter closely. We may wish the political ti

Mike's Blog Round Up

Facing South: Government contracts going to tax cheats. St. Patrick's Pact With Satan: Before anyone assumes this is a link to the Bob Jones U. websi

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Reaction: The hubris, incompetence and cronyism of the Bush presidency. Oh yeah, and criminality. Hate to say "we told ya so," but it looks like K

Warren Beatty

via This Modern World Though I'm not as enthusiastic as Ezra, I've gotta say that Warren Beatty's speech the other day was very impressive. Not only