Powell memo

Supreme Obstruction

Supreme Obstruction

Normally (and according to the Constitution) the process is that the President nominates a new justice, the Senate holds hearings, and there is a vote to confirm that nominee or not. According to the Constitution, that’s their job.

The Powell Memo

We already covered BNF and Bernie Sanders great new video about the Koch Brothers that's like a RWNM 101 primer. We write about it often enough on C&L, but it never hurts to continue the discussion of its influence on the media and the people.

How Corporate America Came To Dominate Our Discourse

Over the weekend I was re-reading the infamous Powell Memo, written by written in 1971 by former Supreme Court justice Lewis Powell, who at the time was working as a corporate attorney. The memo is in essence a letter to the Chamber of Commerce in

The Texas Textbook Two-step

Meet the graduating Texas senior class of 2020 and beyond. This group of students has some unique identifying characteristics, products of an educat