Giants Win The Super Bowl!

Greatest Super Bowl win of all time! Eli Manning goes down in history--beating the great Tom Brady and derailing the perfect season. It can be debated

Congratulations To Matt Cooper

"White House correspondent Matt Cooper was promoted to Political Editor of, Time's deputy managing editor Steve Koepp announced. The internal

Roots Radio DC

Was it racist for Ben Domench to call Coretta Scott King a Communist, repeating the accusations of southern bigots who tried to smear Martin Luther K

Plagiarism Ben?

Ben is "Augustine," so that's cleared up. He apologizes for the Coretta Scott King "is a communist" remark next. It doesn't stop there for Box Turtle

Washington Post Blog Back On

Jane digs in. So nice to see that it took Brady weeks to figure out a few rules for posting a comment. Brad DeLong, David Ehrenstein, Paul Lukasiak an