Purpose Driven Life

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I took pen in hand and, fully caffeinated, was all ready to write something profound and challenging, but I'd filled up the very last page in my Journ

The Purpose Driven Life Takers

The Purpose Driven Life Takers This is just plain sick. Many Christian activists complain that the violence contained in these games have a direct im

Mike's Blog Round Up

Brad DeLong: Colin Powell's account of his last meeting with George W. Bush. Scrutiny Hooligans: Heads Roll at the Veterans Administration Yellow Do

Heide Law

From Hannity and Colmes, Heide Law appeared last night. [media id=12968] I don't know if she was high, but Heide couldn't even answer Colmes ques

And Checkowt...

Bush Misunderestimated..."News, Commentary, and Satire probing the radical agenda of right-wing politics like a doctor with big hands. Includes strate