Mike's Blog Roundup

MediaBloodhound: A Bush-appointed Federal Election Commissioner who remains in office, provided misleading statements under oath in an effort to conce

More On The NIE

Jane tells us about Dick Durbin's frustration: "It's been reported that Dick Durbin was just on CSPAN deeply upset by this latest revelation and no w

Colin Powell On 20/20

Barbara Walters interviewed Powell on Friday night. He talked about his role in the run-up to the war in Iraq. [media id=246]-WMP (other formats com

Why We Must Leave Iraq

Larry Johnson is far from being an anti-war advocate, but he is an intelligence expert and his opinions come from the many years of experience he has

Torture Court-Martials

INTEL DUMP Josh White in Monday's WaPo gives us a fairly detailed look at courts-martial taking place at Fort Carson, CO. The allegations against tw

Making Excuses for Rove

It's nice to see Republicans weigh in on the side of sanity instead of the knee-jerk WHA's ( White House Apologists and the sound a baby makes when cr