April 3, 1941 - The World Of Ominous.

April 3, 1941 - News of the War in Europe. Count Teleki of Hungary reportedly commits suicide. Italian forces in Middle East suffer large air loses for the month of March. U.S. seizes Italian ships. Yugoslavia bracing for German invasion. Americans rounded up for questioning in Berlin. Capitol Hill calls for curb against strikes.

Arizona's Karmic Injustice

The movement that makes so much of hate crimes legislation seems to think nothing of passing hateful laws in the land of starkest scenery; in fact, the same people who brought you S.B. 1070 wanted to give Arizonans the toughest anti-Sharia

Wandering In The Desert Of 50-and-over Unemployed

It isn't a question of skill. It isn't a question of whether older employees can handle a rapid pace in their workday, or whether they can make snap judgements. They were doing the job and doing it well before they were laid off because of the

Mike's Blog Round Up

Wise Bread: Why does the US spend more on the military than the rest of the world combined? Here's one explanation... Wonkette: Pictures of those som