Nathan Sproul

Nathan Sproul And Karl Rove Share More Than A Party

Well, well, well. Karl Rove's American Crossroads and "fired" voter registration fraudster Nathan Sproul seem to share far, far more than a party affiliation. Via Salon, the beginning of the trail: So what does Sproul have to do with Karl

FDLE Investigates Reports Of Florida Registration Fraud

Republicans didn't have a problem with Strategic until they found out Democrats were about to go public with registration fraud. But still, it's a little odd that the Republican-controlled state is starting a criminal investigation -- I wonder

RNC Cuts Off Firm In Wake Of Voter Registration Fraud Allegations

Republicans love to complain about voter fraud, but it seems when there are real problems with rigged elections, actual voter fraud or voter suppression, it's almost always their side that's doing it -- RNC Cuts Off Firm Over Voter Registration Fraud Allegations:

Stupid GOP Voter Registration Tricks, 2012 Edition

Now, the true silly season begins. Here is a video shot by someone who saw a voter registration worker in front of her local supermarket. When she walked up the worker said she was "polling" for Obama or Romney, but admitted she asked the