FDA Let Drugs Approved On Fraudulent Research Stay On The Market

The health threat was potentially serious: About 100 drugs, including sophisticated chemotherapy compounds and addictive prescription painkillers, had been approved for sale in the United States at least in part on the strength of Cetero Houston's tainted tests.

The (Drug) War On People

Winner of the 2012 Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize, the documentary film "The House I Live In" is a must see, and is available "On Demand" beginning January 15th, and on PBS in April. Filmed in more than 20 states, from the dealer

DC Healthcare Lobbyists To Hold 'White Trash' Party

The lobbying firm Strategic Health Care is hosting a Capitol Hill event titled, "White Trash Reception." Here's a flyer for the um, "event": "Hey y'all - get gussied up in your Sunday jorts, mullets, and fullets and come on down to

May 2, 1979 BT (Before Thatcher).

May 2, 1979BT (Before Thatcher) - final day of campaigning ahead of British Elections. Incumbent Prime Minister James Callahan projected to win. Ayatulla Mohatari assassinated in Tehran, group calling themselves Forghan claim responsibility. Seven bombs go off in Paris. Kurt Waldheim visits North Korea. Jimmy Carter begins talks with Japanese PM Masayoshi Ohira over trade imbalance. Arthur Fiedler celebrates 50th anniversary as Music Director of Boston Pops. John Wayne back in Hospital.

The War On Drugs: Up In Smoke

Towards the beginning of the cult classic "Dazed & Confused," a high school senior named Slater, inquires of baby-faced freshman Mitch, "Are you cool?" What Slater was really asking—in this ode to 1970s youth and the counterculture—was, "Do you

Trouble On The South Border

A while ago, during a conference at the Army's war college, Prof Andrew Bacevich made a comment that the United States had a greater national security interest in the drug wars south of the border than in Afghanistan. He probably got a lot of