Elena Kagan

Jon Stewart Slams Gay Marriage Opponents At DOMA Hearing

The Daily Show's Jon Stewart had a field day with the opponents of gay marriage at this week's Supreme Court hearings on the Defense of Marriage Act, starting with Paul Clement, the lawyer hired by House Republicans, who was called out by Justice Elena Kagan when he attempted to make the claim that the law wasn't based on bigotry.

Chief Justice Roberts Insists His Court Can Be Impartial

From 2009: Justice John Roberts on oral arguments From the "Well, if you say so..." files: Chief Justice John Roberts said Saturday that he has "complete confidence" in his colleagues' ability to step away from cases where their personal

SCOTUS Strikes Down AZ Public Campaign Finance Law

In a predictable 5-4 decision , conservatives on the US Supreme Court struck down Arizona's public campaign finance law, claiming it would stifle private expenditures because of the trigger mechanism that would allow opponents to receive additional