C&L Interviewed For The LA Times

The LA Times interviewed me for their Sunday magazine section called " Metropolis." It is a Q&A session and they did come by and take a few pictur

Michael Ware Disputes President Bush

Michael Ware disputes President Bush "President Bush claimed that Iraqi security forces "primarily led" the assault on the city of Tal Afar. TIME Mag

Viveca Novak's Loose Lips

Jane says the word on the street is that Viveca Novak earned the opportunity to testify before Patrick Fitzgerald because she told her very good buddy

Plame-Gate Hotline

via Atrios: A second Time magazine reporter has been asked to testify in the CIA leak case, this time about her discussions with Karl Rove's attorney

Bob Woodward: Going Down?

Bob Woodward: Going Down? Bob Woodward tells Time Magazine what he won't tell his own paper -- that a sudden attack of conscience compelled to come

Bush's Place In History

(Let's see if I can get this one right.) Guess who TheMost Influential Man in the World is, according toEsquire:The magazine highlights Clinton's

Libby Knew Plame Was Covert

Libby knew Plame was covert (Update) Jane from FireDoglake is reporting that the story on ABC news about Matt Cooper saying Libby told him Plame was

Schmidt Vs Blogs

Ohio 2nd: Interesting item in tomorrow’s Whistleblower: "When “Mean Jean” Schmidt gets to Washington, what will her first piece of l