Al Gore's The Assault On Reason

Time Magazine has made Al Gore this week's cover story, as well as offering an excerpt of Al's new book, The Assault On Reason: American de

Open Thread

Writer's Almanac: (h/t Pastor Dan) It was on this day in 1988 that the Supreme Court issued an important decision in the history of satire in the

Mike's Blog Roundup

Left In Aboite: The news director of a public radio station in Santa Fe, New Mexico has instructed his staff to ignore national stories that quote unn

Interviewed For URB Magazine

If you can afford to spend a few bucks, URB Magazine came over and interviewed me a couple of weeks ago. It's now in the November issue. They were

Ed Bradley, RIP

CBS News: Veteran 60 Minutes correspondent Ed Bradley died of complications from leukemia this morning at Mt. Sinai hospital in Manhattan. He joined

The Time Magazine 100

The Time Magazine 100 Congratulations to Arianna Huffington for making it on the list as one of 100 most influential people.

Lieberman Blames Bloggers

MyDD : "Sen. Lieberman flipped out on the air with WTIC radio host Colin McEnroe this afternoon (audio on the right side of the page). McEnroe had w

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Plame Page: A one-stop for news from around the blogosphere on this ongoing investigation and the coming Libby prosecution. (hat tip to Mark A.R.