C&L's Late Night Music Club With Jack White

Jack White caused quite a stir with his recent collaboration with Insane Clown Posse, but for those who had all but given up on the enigmatic rocker, this cover of U2's "Love is Blindness" should make up for it. It's off Q Magazine's star-studded

Mid-Day Open Thread

Randy Newman -- A Few Words in Defense of Our Country Rolling Stone Magazine named Newman's song the 2nd Best Song of 2007 Now in my 40s, I cheer

Mid Day Open Thread

Tomorrow morning's New York Times Magazine pays tribute to those who passed away in 2007, including the blogosphere's own Steve Gilliard. UPDATE: J

Mike's Blog Round Up

A Tiny Revolution: When we murder millions, we don't just do it for fun! We have reasons ! Ali Eteraz: The cover of the this month's American Conserv

Savages Assault CSPAN

Michael Savage went after CSPAN and Brian Lamb because they had the audacity to not cover his..get this...the Talker's Magazine "Freedom of Speech" a