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Mike's Blog Round Up

Oliver Willis: lists seven reasons why he's a Progressive. Bring it On! The House bows to corporate pressure and votes to remove food label warnings.

Mike's Blog Round Up

Kansas Morons! American Classic novels deemed "porn" by Kansas school official, Kansas teachers guide to Intelligent Design, Wheat futures close highe

Our Government In A Nutshell

The birthday man Ezra Klein, who I and Jesse Taylor had the pleasure of spending a little time with last night, wrote this brilliant article today:

Frist's Speech To In-Justice Sunday

Frist's video available here Thanks to Mr. All Spin Zone for the link. A simpleton speaking “simpleton” to simpletons. The gauntlet has b

The Face Of The Holy War

via All Spin Zone This fringe movement of fundamentalist lunatics has been legitimized by the corporate press, and this mainstreaming of ecumenical