Dick Lugar

The Republican Party's Anger Mismanagement

Praise be to Judge Antonin Scalia, for he sees what the rest of us do not. The man for whom nasty, brutish and short is not simply a political formulation, but a mirror image, can look at hundreds of years of slavery, 100 more of legalised segregation and another 50 of daily discrimination and see "racial entitlement" in the basic right to vote in America. I guess it's kind of like the right-wing-clown entitlement enjoyed by our current Supreme Court.

Bay Buchanan And George Will Celebrate The Potential Ousting Of Dick Lugar By 'Tea Partier' Richard Mourdock

Indiana Republican Sen. Dick Lugar and his 77 percent conservative voting record was not good enough to prevent him from having a "tea party" primary challenger, State Treasurer Richard Mourdock. Complete and total obstruction rather than an iota of compromise to make sure the government actually functions seems to be the new standard of what it means to be a "conservative" these days.

Dick Lugar: Tea Party Cost Republicans The Senate In 2010

Here's to hoping they do it again. From TPM -- Lugar: Tea Party In 2010 ‘Killed Off’ Chance For Republican Senate: Sen. Richard Lugar (R-IN) appeared Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, with an important message for Republicans on

State Of Our Union

What is the state of the union when a madman can come within a whisker of assassinating a member of Congress? When his rantings and ravings and drug use don't stop him from getting a high-capacity magazine? When a sophomore in high school can

Tea Party Has Sen. Dick Lugar In Their Sights

It's a scary time, when the Republican Party moves further to the right each day. While this may be good for Democrats at least some of the time, it's really not good for our country. It makes the possibility of an actual right-wing takeover