Mike's Blog Round Up

Jim Hightower: Christmas gifts for America's power elite David Seaton's News Links: Some notes on populism (h/t The Vanity Press) The Aristocrats: E

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Opinion Mill: If David Broder were a horse....on the other hand, he's this blogger's inspiration...Shakespeare's Sister provides a treatise on ano

Mike's Blog Round Up

One Planet One Nation: A BBC documentary you will NOT be seeing in America. Craig Murray: Former UK ambassador Craig Murray is skeptical of the UK te

Of Cabbages And Kings

...Of Cabbages and Kings To paraphrase the Irish writer Brendan Behan, there is no situation so bad that cannot be made worse by the appearance of a

From The DailyKos:

"Oh, no, we're not going to have any casualties." by Trapper John Wed Oct 20th, 2004 at 16:09:28 GMT CNN has an anecdote that pretty much sums up the