Open Thread

This Jack Bauer fantasy hero worship is really getting out of hand...

The Imperial Presidency 2.0

Int'l. Herald Tribune : Observing President George W. Bush in action lately, we have to wonder if he actually watched the election returns in Nov

TIME Loves The Vampire

"William the Bloody" Kristol, (I have many names for him) is being hired by TIME magazine. The neocons have been totally discredited in the

Friedman: Reoccupying Iraq

He's so distraught over the state of Iraq that Thomas Friedman is losing his mind. He now tells us that Iraq is like thirty civil wars and the on

Mike's Blog Round Up

NewsHog: If neocon policy had always been followed would the state of Israel even exist in its modern form? One thing is certain: US Middle East polic

Larry Johnson Answers Hitchens

"In his latest diatribe, Christopher Hitchens declares Joe Wilson clueless and then proceeds to demonstrate that he is the one floundering in fantasy

Kaloogian Blames The Military

Josh has the latest fantasy from Howard Kaloogian: "The candidate said he hadn't recognized the error because "the military asked us to use our discr

Roger Simon's Silly Googliness

Roger Simon's silly Googliness Here's some of that stellar "Pajamas Media" reporting that I've been hearing so much about. Roger Simon is upset beca

On Krauthammer's Torture Lie

Arthur tells it like it is: "Krauthammer confesses not only his intellectual dishonesty, but his utter ignorance of torture itself, and how it works