Kerry Sympathizes With Anti-War Protester

Kerry Sympathizes With Anti-War Protester

As Secretary of State John Kerry was finishing his opening remarks at today's first Senate Foreign Relations Committee on military action in Syria, the proceedings were interrupted by the inevitable presence of Code Pink.

March On Wall Street South – Mobilization Info

There’s just a few days left until the March on Wall Street South mobilization kicks off! See below for a schedule of events and many other updates. You can also find transportation leaving from your area to bring folks to Charlotte!

May 12, 1970 - To End The War.

To The End War. Broadcast highlighting Senate Amendment 609 or The Amendment To End The War, and interviews with some of the Senators backing it. - Broadcast on May 12, 1970.

Bill Kristol: It Would Be Better For The Republican Party If Ron Paul Left The Party

From this Tuesday morning's Washington Journal on C-SPAN, apparently Bloody Bill Kristol is tired of Republicans having to deal with Ron Paul for his stance in opposition to some of our military interventions and would just be happy if he left the party all together instead of the current crop of GOP candidates having to worry about "being nice to him" during the debates.