A New And Better Day In Denver?

A New And Better Day In Denver?

Denver deserves better than Representative Diana DeGette — and this year, on June 26, Denver has a golden opportunity to elect someone better: Saira Rao. Help her get her progressive message out to Denver’s overwhelmingly Progressive citizens:

Occupy Denver: Mobilize Against Keystone XL Pipeline January 7th

Occupy Denver stands in solidarity with The Tar Sands Blockade, and is calling for national and international mobilization and solidarity actions against the construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Tar sands giant TransCanada has begun construction on the southern leg of the Keystone XL. Leading NASA Climate Scientist James Hansen has called the Keystone XL “game over” for the climate, and Americans are already feeling the heat. The pipeline will make TransCanada rich while encroaching on ranch lands, poisoning Texas’ working class communities, and destroying the environment that makes the lone star state so beautiful.

Fox Plays The Angry Black Man Card To Attack President Obama

From this Saturday's <em>Journal Editorial Report</em>, after the Fox panel members spent some time weighing in on the latest polls and doing their best to get the audience pumped up about Mitt Romney's so-called "momentum" in the national poll and playing a portion of the President talking about Willard's "Romesia," the WSJ's Dorothy Rabinowitz decided to play the "angry black man" card to attack President Obama.

Shot Fired At Obama Field Office In Denver

I'm sure it's just some Democrat trying to make people feel sorry for Obama : Police say someone fired a shot at an Obama campaign field office in Denver on Friday afternoon. No one was injured, though people were inside the offices when