Tax Rates

'Up' Panel On The Real Crisis Of Income Disparity And Poverty

Thank goodness there is at least one of these talking head shows on Sundays where Republican talking points are pushed back against and where it's not just a bunch of millionaire pundits talking about how we need to inflict pain on our senior citizens and raise the Medicare age in order to appease the GOP during these deficit negotiations, and that show is Up With Chris Hayes.

Romney And Ryan Dodge On Tax Fairness And Tax Returns

In what was one of the more useless, softball interviews I've seen in some time, CBS's Bob Schieffer allowed Mitt Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan get away with one lie after another with little to no push back during their first interview

Romney Repeats His Lie That His Tax Rate Is About Forty Percent

Here we go again. Mitt Romney doesn't seem to care much that there are people out there actually debunking his lies even if we can't get our talking heads in the mainstream media to do it, because he just repeated another one during this Thursday