Mike's Blog Roundup

Booman Tribune: Lend a Hand Attytood: When your nation's only accountability is a comedian Welcome Back to Pottersville: FOX News at its finest Raw

Mike's Blog Roundup

Gender Across Borders: The 11th Carnival of Feminists NevadaAppeal: Support builds in congress over mining reform Swing State Project: Daily Digest

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Political Carnival: You can't reason with a sick mind Brad DeLong: GOP congress critters couldn't find their asses with a map and two flashlights

The Worst Song Ever?

Yglesias has a fairly convincing post arguing for LFO's "Summer Girls" as the worst hit song in history. In the course of human affairs, people somet

Dude, Where's My $500,000,000,000?

From an emailer: This is Democrat Alan Grayson asking Chairman Ben Bernanke where the Federal Reserve sent $500,000,000,000 last year. And Chairman

Mike's Blog Round Up

Mahablog: Life as a preexisting condition, and why the private health care industry will never, ever, not in a million years, come even close to solvi