How Does Robert Scheer Feel Now?

I can understand the confusion for some Americans who do not understand what Baby Paul's beliefs really stand for. The media does a terrible job when

Mike's Blog Roundup

The Art of the Possible: Let's look at the question of Vice-Presidentialism on the Democratic side. Once Upon a Time: Arthur continues to demonstrate

Mike's Blog Round Up

Greetings and salutations, minxes and mondains. Melissa McEwan, aka The Pink Petulance, coming to you from Superblogger Headquarters, where SuperKos i

Mike's Blog Round Up

Prairie Weather: The Army was pressured by the White House to hire a Halliburton subsidiary to take over patient care at Walter Reed. Truthdig: Excel

Mike's Blog Roundup

Liberty Street: How many Iraqis have died? Most Americans have no idea The Carpetbagger Report: Libby was anything but a " loyal soldier"

Sunday Morning Pressing The Meat

Given the revelations of last week's testimony in the Libby trial, I'm guessing that Cheney will not be on "Meet The Press". The Gen

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Newsie8200's Penndit: Most unbiased news source...The Weather Channel?! AGITPROP: Wingnut Roundup The Progressive Truth: Cheney's testimony in

Jane's Out Of The Hospital

She got out of the hospital and picked up her things from my place with her friend just now. She looks incredibly beautiful after coming off of the su