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Georgia Gun Group Giving Away Free AR-15 To Oppose Gun Control

A pro-Second Amendment group in Georgia has partnered with a gun shop in the state to give away a free AR-15 assault rifle -- like the one used to slaughter 20 children in Newtown last month -- in an effort to oppose new gun control legislation.

U.S. Judge Larry Burns Makes Conservative Case For Gun Control

Lawrence O'Donnell read the entire op-ed which appeared in the L.A. Times in his rewrite segment this Thursday evening: Loughner’s Judge Makes Conservative Plea For Gun Control: Larry Alan Burns, the federal district judge in San Diego who just

Philly Top Cop: Why Not Have Gun Registration?

The useful thing about This Week's George Stephanopoulos interview with Philadelphia's impressive top cop Charles Ramsey is how sensibly Ramsey responds to the idea that having civilians with weapons on the scene of the Aurora massacre would have